Hi there! My name is Sandy Lo, an indie author, blogger, and digital strategist.  I’m just getting started here, so stay tuned as I get everything set up!

Book Zine is an online community of authors and readers.  Authors post short stories, novellas, novels, and series chapter by chapter on a weekly basis!  Reviews/Feedback is HIGHLY encouraged by readers.

Book Zine will run on a membership basis.  For the time being, Book Zine will be completely FREE.  As the site grows, I plan to offer a paid membership as well. (Nothing too expensive) The reason for this is to offset the costs of running this site and to eventually pay our contributing authors.

Why am I starting Book Zine?

As an indie author, I’ve struggled to compete with the saturated market of self-publishing.  I’ve had some success – my book series “Dream Catchers” and my first novel “Lost In You” were gaining popularity on Amazon and GoodReads.  Suddenly, it all slowed down and that’s when I discovered all of the websites out there that post MY books for FREE.  Not with my permission, mind you.  They’re stealing my novels and there’s too many of these sites for me to track down.  If anyone is going to post my novels for free, it might as well be me.  And so, here we are…

While I get this off the ground, my books will be the first ones available.  If you’re an author interested in joining Book Zine, fill out our submissions form.

If you’re a reader looking to discover new authors and free books LEGALLY, follow the site and become a member!

Looking forward to growing this community!

Hugs, Kisses & Happy Endings,