We Need Authors!

We are actively seeking author submissions from all genres, all styles, no matter your experience! (Subject to approval at our discretion)

Ask yourself these questions to see if you’re a good fit!

  • Are you frustrated with the publishing industry?
  • Do you love to write and want to expand your audience?
  • Are you able to provide Book Zine with at least ONE complete novel of yours to post for our members?
  • Do you want to be part of a supportive online community of writers and readers?
  • Would you like free advertising on our site to your website, social media, Amazon page, book links, etc?

If you answered YES to all of these questions, then you’re who we’re looking for! We welcome you to fill out our Author Submissions form below and send it to us, no matter what your genre is!

Book Zine is a FREE online library to connect indie authors with readers all over the world! We’re just getting started, but we hope you’re interested in working with us!

Let’s get the issue of MONEY out of the way upfront…  If you’re looking to make any kind of money from your Book Zine experience now, please look elsewhere. I started this site as a fight against piracy since all of my books keep winding up stolen and posted on sites for free. I figured I might as well post them myself. It made me take a step back and really think about why I started writing… it was never about making money for me (although that would be nice).  It’s always been fulfilling to my heart to write and create a story someone else might love or connect with. I initially started out writing story zines when I was 17 years old and realized how much I miss that. The anticipation my readers felt as I released my story chapter by chapter was exciting for them and for me.

So here we are! While I do hope to monetize the site in the future, that’s going to be a long time from now and I don’t want to make empty promises.

In lieu of money, I will offer free promotion on this site and our social media to all of your work, even if you choose not to post some of it in Book Zine. I will also offer free services of giveaway promotions, book cover design, and press release creation for you if you sign up to be a Book Zine writer for at least ONE book!

Legal Junk — writers will have to sign a waiver saying we have permission to post your work on this site. Please note: we cannot post your work if you have any legal exclusivity with a publisher or distribution company. (If you are under KDP Select obligation, you must wait until your 90 days with them ends before we can post your book.)

Still interested? Great! Fill out the AUTHOR SUBMISSIONS form below and we will contact you soon.