Lost In You – Synopsis + Table of Contents

Lost In You - Sandy Lo
Are you a fan of boy band romances? LOST IN YOU is the book for you!  Author Sandy Lo was inspired by her love of Backstreet Boys and 98 Degrees to pen this debut novel.
Fun Fact: Being an entertainment journalist, Sandy has even got her books in the hands of members of both BSB and 98 Degrees! Check our Instagram for photos!


Cooper Jackson is a young woman who flies by the seat of her pants. She has a commitment-free life; always picking up and leaving whenever she feels like it. She doesn’t let anyone get too close, but a wedding in sunny Florida changes everything.… Read more

Lost In You – Prologue

Lost In You Prologue - Sandy Lo
Prologue Preview: Impulsive and insecure Cooper Jackson accompanies her cousin to a wedding where she meets Sound Wave, a famous boy band.

The clouds coated the sky, camouflaging any hint of blue. The parking lot of the Catholic Church was packed so tightly; the white rental car circled the lot several times before finally settling in a spot on the street. Space was limited there as well. Vans and cars complete with camera crews and still photographers lined the block, waiting to catch any glimpse of the bride, but especially the groom, and possibly some of their well-known guests.
A young man of average height with dark hair rushed out of the car; an even younger woman followed him, both making their way toward the church.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Book 1 – Synopsis + Table of Contents

Dream Catchers by Sandy Lo book cover
Are you a fan of rock star romances? DREAM CATCHERS is the book for you!  Inspired by her love of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Author Sandy Lo wrote the first few chapters with them as her muse.


Dreams come true only if you believe in them…


Haley Foster never bothered to believe in herself or find her dream. Growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, her parents gave her everything she needed except freedom. Fate steps in at the bus station when Haley bumps into Jordan Walsh, literally.


His unpolished manners and rock star attitude rile her, though she is oddly drawn to him.… Read more

Lost In You – Chapter One

Lost In You - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Preview: Cooper meets famous boy band Sound Wave at a wedding in not the most graceful way, drawing more attention to herself than she intended.

Finding their way toward the altar, Dave and Cooper’s goal was to go in unnoticed. That goal was simply not accomplished as Cooper’s ankle twisted yet again. She grabbed onto Dave with a small yelp, which sounded much louder as it echoed off the church walls.  A collective stare was sent their way from both sides of the church. Cooper flushed with embarrassment as Dave pulled her along to a pew, which creaked with age as they sat.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter One: Boston Blues

Dream Catchers - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Boston Blues Preview: Haley is not looking forward to going home for the summer.


A nightmare startled me awake. Groaning, I rolled over and glanced at the alarm clock.


I groaned louder. Two hours? I thought the later I went to bed the more likely I was to fall soundly asleep. It had taken me a good twenty minutes to get comfortable before drifting off. And two hours later, here I was awake due to another nightmare.


For two weeks straight, I have averaged three hours of sleep a night. Either I just lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about the boring summer that was ahead of me, or I had odd dreams.… Read more

Lost In You – Chapter Two

Lost In You - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Preview: As the wedding continues, Cooper has fun dancing with boy band member JT, but her eyes can’t help but stay on his band mate, Ryan.

“Here you go, darlin’.”


Ryan handed Cooper her drink.


“Thanks Tom,” she rolled her eyes. “I was a little curious as to why they were calling you Rizz,” she laughed. “It suits a Ryan more than a Tom.”


Ryan smiled as Matt stepped up to them.


“You wanna dance?” Matt asked.
“Sure,” Cooper said taking his hand.


JT eyed Matt as he led Cooper into a slow dance.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Two: Penniless in Pinkston

Dream Catchers - Chapter Two - Sandy Lo
Chapter 2 – Penniless in Pinkston Preview: Haley meets a gorgeous, but crass stranger on the bus trip home.

I walked through the rotating glass door with my hand on my purse, and sighed at the overcrowded station crawling with community college kids. All of the kids that went to my school had cars, or their parents picked them up.  As a sophomore, students weren’t allowed to have a car on campus.  My parents were usually too busy to come get me, but always offered for Christian Eriksson to drive me home.


Oh God, just the thought of Christian driving up to my school with his slicked back hair and his collared shirt, which he had to fasten every last button on, disturbed me.… Read more

Lost In You – Chapter Three

Lost In You - Chapter 3
Chapter 3 Preview: Cooper and Ryan get to know each other after the wedding during a trip to the emergency room.


Just as Ryan and Cooper stepped outside the reception hall, rain poured down.  Luckily, they were covered by the awning attached to the building.  A few other wedding guests stood alongside Ryan and Cooper awaiting their cars from the valet.


“Just great,” Cooper sighed, handing the man her parking voucher.


She wrapped her arms around herself as they watched the downpour.  The raindrops hit the green canvas of the awning; the sound like tiny feet tip-toeing above their heads.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Three: Stranded With The Stranger

Dream Catchers - Chapter Three - Sandy Lo
Chapter 3 – Stranded with the Stranger Preview: With no money, phone, and stranded with the gorgeous, but annoying stranger, Haley tries to figure out how to get home.

The sun was bright as a fluorescent lemon as it blazed down, almost blinding me.  I tapped my foot trying to think of what to do.  Jordan sat down on the curb, and strummed his guitar absently.  He didn’t seem to be worried, but I was terrified.  I’m just a girl, who’s never really been on her own.  College was supposed to be a form of “cutting the cord” from my parents, but they paid for everything and called to check in neurotically. … Read more

Lost In You – Chapter Four

Lost In You - Chapter 5
Chapter 4 Preview: The morning after the wedding, Cooper finds out a secret about Ryan that changes her mind about him.

The morning after the wedding, Dave knocked on Cooper’s door repeatedly. It was just past ten and he was curious to hear about Cooper’s trip to the hospital.


“Come in,” she grumbled, tossing her head back and forth against her pillow.


Dave opened the door and Cooper looked up at him pouting.


“How are you feeling, cuz?”
“I don’t know what hurts more: my ankle or my head,” she groaned as she sat up slowly.
“Sorry you had a bad night,” he said, sitting on her bed.… Read more