Lost In You - Chapter 5
Chapter 5 Preview: Cooper and bad boy JT go on their first date.


The sun was starting to set as the waiter walked over with a plate of coconut shrimp with chicken, and sat it down in front of Cooper.  Another waiter followed behind him and put a plate of steak with a side of fettuccine in front of JT.  The outdoor restaurant was both romantic and relaxing.  A breeze swept across from the ocean making the seasoning and flavor from their food hit their senses.  Cooper was starved and immediately dug into her dish.


With all the excitement over Ryan that morning, she hadn’t really eaten much at breakfast.  She had passed on lunch when she learned JT and his mother already had plans.  Not wanting to invade on their time together, Cooper opted to take a nap before her date.




Cooper laughed and nodded.


“Sorry.  I’m not one of those girls who doesn’t eat on the first date.”


“Good,” JT laughed and dug into his food as well.


“This is really good.  Do you want to try some?”


“I’ll try a piece of chicken.”


He was not into seafood.  At least he learned to tolerate others eating it over the years.  He used to gag every time John and Ryan ordered fish when they were on the road together.  Shrimp was far less disgusting in his opinion.


Cooper cut off a piece of chicken and fed it to JT off her fork.


“That is good.  You want to try some steak or fettuccine?”


Cooper agreed to try the pasta.  Like JT with seafood, Cooper wasn’t fond of red meat.  As she leaned over and took the bite JT offered, a creamy piece of fettuccini landed right on her yellow blouse.


“Shit,” she gasped, quickly dabbing her napkin in some water and rubbing the stain.  “This always happens to me,” she sighed.


“Well, I’m sure those things get in the way,” JT joked, referring to her C-cup breasts.


She looked up at him with a faked annoyance and he just laughed.




Cooper rubbed the stain a couple of more times and was left with a large wet spot on her shirt.  She frowned at JT.


“I guess you’ll just have to take your shirt off,” he smirked.


Cooper shook her head, “Are you always like this?”


“Like what?”


“Flirtatious and perverted?”


JT laughed, “I guess.  I can get way worse than that. “


He raised his eyebrows and Cooper blushed slightly.  He enjoyed making her blush.


“I’m also outspoken, spontaneous, and fun, and like long walks on the beach,” he grinned.


She smiled, “Good.  I could use all of that right now.”


“Still mad at Ryan, huh?”


“I don’t know.  Should I be?”

“Hell yeah,” JT nodded.  “I’m sorry if he led you on or anything.  I don’t really know what went on between you two–”


Nothing.  It was really nothing,” Cooper sighed.  “I just thought…” she trailed off.  “I thought there was something.”


JT hadn’t asked too many questions and Cooper didn’t volunteer many answers.  As far as he knew, Ryan and Cooper had flirted heavily the night before, without him mentioning he was engaged.  He would never believe Ryan Latham would go as far as kiss another woman.  He was practically a saint in JT’s eyes.


Cooper realized she was feeling sorry for herself and didn’t want to make a big deal out of it any longer.  She was having a great time with JT.


“But now I don’t have to choose anymore,” she said, making light of things.




“Well, to be honest, after last night I was having a difficult time deciding who I was to go out with… you or Ryan,” Cooper smirked.


“That was difficult for you?” JT asked.  “Huh,” he sounded offended at first, but flashed a mischievous grin.  “Trust me, baby, I can rock your world a hell of a lot more.”


“Oh really?” she asked smiling.  “Wanna prove it?”


JT raised an eyebrow at her.


“Here?  Right now?”


“Mind out of the gutter, please,” she rolled her eyes.  “I meant on the dance floor.”


“What about your ankle?”


She shrugged, once again ignoring the doctor’s orders.  She was pretty sure bed rest did not mean dancing with sexy pop stars.


“You’ll just be my crutch.”


“You’re on.”


JT agreed and immediately stood up reaching for her hand.  He practically carried Cooper to the dance floor.  They were both careful not to put pressure on her ankle.


Cooper realized asking JT to dance immediately following that particular conversation was a mistake; a mistake of the best kind, though.  She found herself highly aroused in his arms, even worse than at the wedding.  By the end of the dance, they were full blown making out on the dance floor.  The kisses made the anticipation of the evening and awkward Ryan moments worth it all.  It got to the point where Cooper had to pull away in order to keep it tasteful.


They sat back down and finished dinner quickly before heading to the boardwalk for ice cream.  The waves from the ocean served as their music, replacing the band from the restaurant.


“I hope the dancing wasn’t too much strain on your ankle.”


“My feet hardly touched the ground,” Cooper smiled.


JT loved that smile.  It was the type of smile you couldn’t figure out.  It was sugary sweet, but with a hidden meaning.  He knew this girl was a minx.  She was sweet with a bad girl inside.  That was something he could relate to.  He always had a big heart, but made some terrible mistakes in life, especially in relationships.  His alcoholism cost him a girlfriend and almost his life, once, when he smashed his car into a tree.


JT returned her smile before leaning in to kiss her.  Cooper’s head was filled with all sorts of thoughts, good and bad.


JT’s an amazing kisser.  So is Ryan.  Where will this lead?  I wonder what Ryan will think.  Do I want to have a one night stand?  Do I want to get serious?  Does JT want to get serious?  Who cares what Ryan will think?  Will a long distance relationship work?  A fling wouldn’t be bad.  Friends with benefits.  Would that make me a slut?


Cooper tuned out the thoughts and put her all into the moment.  Cooper and JT found themselves continuing their make out session on the bed in the guesthouse.  Soon his hands crept up her skirt and his lips were prodding under her blouse.  Cooper certainly wasn’t thinking anymore as she enjoyed the attention JT was giving her body.


Music notes


The next morning Cooper woke up from the pain she felt in her ankle.  It felt worse than it did the day before.  It was no surprise with all the pressure she had been putting on it.  She winced as she sat up and glanced next to her.  JT was sound asleep, the blanket resting at his waist.  Tattoos covered his back, arms, and chest.  Cooper couldn’t believe she had sex with a member of Sound Wave on the first date.  It was just all too weird.  On top of that, she was staying on JT’s mother’s property.  She felt sick with herself.  She didn’t even drink last night, so alcohol couldn’t aid as an excuse.


Cooper bent over the bed, reaching for her purse on the floor.  She rummaged through the brown hobo bag and found her medication.  Maybe I can blame my actions on the pills?  She thought, but rolled her eyes dismissing that ridiculous reason.  It was time she admitted to herself that she was left vulnerable and wanted last night to happen.


She hadn’t been with a man in a while, and JT definitely knew how to push the right buttons.  Cooper decided to pass the night off as impulsive; it would go down on her record as her first and hopefully only one night stand.  JT would be back home in LA tomorrow and Cooper¾she wasn’t sure where she’d be going after her time was up in Florida.


After Cooper took her pain killers, JT let out a groan and rolled over.  He draped an arm around Cooper’s waist and slid his hand up her side until he got to her breast.  Squeezing softly, he groaned again and slithered his body closer to hers.


“Morning beautiful,” he mumbled looking up at her.


“Morning,” Cooper said, pulling the blanket up over the top of their bodies.


“Don’t be shy,” JT laughed.


Cooper was silent and put her head down on the pillow before turning away from him.  JT spooned up behind her and kissed her neck.  Cooper squirmed away and JT definitely knew something wasn’t right.


“What is it?”


She didn’t answer.




“I don’t know,” she answered softly.


“You regret last night?”


Again, he received no response.


“Coop, look at me.”


He gave her shoulder a tug, but she pulled away from him.


“I’m hungry,” she said quickly.


“You’re hungry?” JT asked looking at her like she was crazy.


Cooper turned to look at him and flashed a small smile to reassure him she was okay.


“Alright, I’ll go pick something up.  McDonald’s okay?”


She nodded.


“Anything specific you want?”


“Surprise me.”


She smiled again.  JT nodded and slid out of bed.  He saw through Cooper’s phony smiles, but he figured he’d get it out of her over breakfast.  JT woke up the same way he fell asleep, with a smile on his face.  He always slept better with a woman lying in his arms.  In his lifestyle, it was common to feel alone, especially on the road.


JT often felt like no one truly loved him for the person he is, but for the image he holds.  If women weren’t after his money or wanted him to make them famous, they had some fantasy about being with a “bad boy”.  He fears once a girl finds out he’s really not that wild when it comes down to it, she will dump him.  All three scenarios have happened to him before.


He knows he has had some great women in his life, a couple he even wanted to marry, but his own insecurities and hang-ups destroyed those relationships.  He wondered where Cooper would land in his life: another one-night stand to add to the list or another girlfriend he screws over.  JT already knows Cooper doesn’t want anything from his celebrity.  He was happy to rule that category out.


Cooper ate in silence and JT couldn’t believe this was the same girl he took out last night.  She had talked almost as much as he did, and he was grateful for that.  He finished his breakfast quickly while Cooper still picked at her meal.


“So, you eat on first dates, but not on first breakfasts?” JT asked.


Cooper sighed, “Please don’t tell anyone about last night.”


“Who would I tell?  We don’t know the same people,” he sighed back at her.


“I just don’t want you telling the rest of the band…or your mom.”


“Why would I tell my mom?” JT laughed.


Cooper shrugged sullenly.


“Are you ashamed of what happened last night?”


“I don’t know.  Should I be?”


“No,” JT shrugged.


She looked away and then back at him.


“So what now?  I have a nice memory of my night with a Sound Waver and I go on my way.  Is that how it works?”


“Cooper, you’re making me out to be the bad guy.  I didn’t force you into anything.  And I’m not acting like I did you any favors by taking you out last night or sleeping with you.  Don’t make me out to be the celebrity asshole who takes advantage of fans,” JT said, now a bit offended.


“I’m not a fan, remember?”


Cooper smirked, lightening the mood.  JT smirked back.


“Yeah, I know, but I’m a fan of yours,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.


Cooper’s smile spread.


“Look, let’s not put all this pressure on ourselves.  We had fun last night.  I’d like to be friends.”


“Me too,” she agreed.  “I just want you to know that I don’t normally… I’m not a slut.  I may be impulsive and fly by the seat of my pants, but…”


“I believe you,” JT laughed.  “You don’t have to defend yourself to me.  I don’t judge.”


“Thanks,” Cooper smiled.  “Come here.”


She motioned for him to come closer.  JT got out of his seat and hugged her before pecking her lips.  Cooper assumed he was going to stick his tongue down her throat—which she wouldn’t have minded—but found the hug a much sweeter gesture considering their conversation.



Music notes


The large park in Orlando was quiet with it being an early Monday afternoon.  Children were still in school.  Ryan passed Matt the basketball as his cell phone rang.  Matt took a shot and Ryan jogged over to the nearby fence where his shirt and phone lay.  Ryan looked at the screen of the phone to see who was calling.


“Hey baby,” he said with a smile.


Danielle, his fiancée, barely said hello before rambling about some dilemma she was having.  She had a tendency to make a big deal over everything and was a chronic complainer.  In the beginning of their relationship, Ryan found her “meltdowns” cute.  He enjoyed calming her down and solving her problems with her.  Three years later, it became a tad annoying.


As Danielle spoke, Ryan zoned out.  He remembered meeting her at a time in his life he really needed someone.  His career was basically at a standstill.  He took some time off to be with his family and concentrate on his songwriting while Matt pursued a solo career and John did some acting.  No one truly knew the fate of Sound Wave at the time.  Danielle was from Ryan’s hometown in Blue Ridge, Georgia and was an active member of his family’s church.  He was smitten by her big blue eyes and her old fashioned beauty.  She was a picture perfect Christian Southern belle.


The couple’s relationship started off innocent enough; meeting at church every Sunday followed by brunch.  Danielle was attentive and supportive.  She was nervous when Ryan first asked her on an actual date.  She was a Sound Wave fan since she was a teenager, and she worried Ryan would turn out to be a fraud; an arrogant snob pretending to be a nice guy.  She was relieved to find out she was wrong.


“Ryan, are you listening to me?” Danielle interrupted his memory.


“Sorry, babe.”


“So what am I goin’ to do?”


“’Bout what?”


“Ugh, your mother!  She insists we have red velvet cake!”


“Dani, just for one tier of the cake,” Ryan sighed.  “It’s tradition in my family.  I told you that over and over again.”


He rolled his eyes to himself and just then the basketball came flying by his head.


“Tell Danielle it’s our time right now.  She gets you to herself tomorrow,” Matt said annoyed.


He thought Danielle called Ryan entirely too much.


“Tell Matt to shut up!” Danielle yelled in Ryan’s ear.


One thing Ryan couldn’t stand and hoped would change was the fact that Danielle did not get along with Matt, and she and his mother would butt heads constantly.


“She said shut up,” Ryan relayed the message quickly.  “I’ll call you later, Dani.  Just be nice to my mom.”


“I am nice to her,” she objected.


“Yeah, yeah.  I love you.”


“I love you, too,” Danielle said before they hung up.


“It’s about time!” Matt shouted.


“Shut up.  I wasn’t on long,” Ryan shook his head.  “You’re such a punk.”


“Your serve, runt,” Matt laughed sticking out his tongue and passing the shorter man the ball.


Ryan passed the ball hard into Matt’s chest and he groaned with a laugh before passing it back.


“So I talked to JT.”


Ryan faked Matt out and drove the ball to the hoop.


“Shit,” Matt cursed himself.


“What did J say about tonight?”


“He’s coming.  Cooper and Dave are coming, too.”


He took an open shot that Ryan couldn’t block.


“It’s all gravy,” Matt cackled as Ryan sighed.  “Oh, so JT took Cooper out last night,” he grinned.


Ryan’s eyes widened as Matt passed him the ball.  He dribbled and took a shot, missing it; Matt got the rebound and put the ball in the hoop.


“You’re slacking, Latham,” Matt teased.


“What did JT say about the date?” Ryan asked, just holding the ball, not wanting to be distracted from the game anymore.


Matt shrugged, “Sounded like he had a good time.”


He implied a hidden meaning in the sentence.


“I’m sure not that good,” Ryan said.


Matt just laughed, “Are we going to play or talk about JT’s sex life the rest of the day?”


Ryan sighed and passed him the ball.



Music notes


JT drummed his fingers against the steering wheel as he drove one of the cars he bought his mother.  Cooper smiled at him as he sang at the top of his lungs to a rock song she wasn’t familiar with.  She giggled to herself and JT eyed her.


“Don’t make fun of me,” he said, changing the station.


“Ooh, I love that song!” Cooper stopped him.


“This song?” JT asked taking his hand off the button.


“Yeah.  There’s something in your eyes, and baby, that’s when I realize…” Cooper sang along and now it was JT’s turn to laugh. “Oh, you can sing, but I can’t?”


“You have no idea, do you?”


Cooper looked at him blankly.


“This is our song, dummy.”




“Sound Wave.  This…” he pointed to the radio.  “It’s called ‘You Got Me’.”


JT shook his head in disbelief.


“Really?  I thought it was the Backstreet Boys,” Cooper said and JT flashed an annoyed look at her for thinking it was one of the bands they were in competition with.  “Sorry,” she laughed.  “I should have known better.  Ooh, this is my favorite part!”


Cooper turned the song up louder.


I denied it all along, but the feeling’s just too strong, the radio played on.


“Of course your favorite part happens to be Ryan’s part,” JT chuckled.




Cooper rolled her eyes and they both laughed.


“Don’t hate him, okay?”


“Why not?”


“Because you don’t even know him.”


“Who cares if I hate him then?”


“Trust me, Ryan is impossible to hate,” he declared.


JT was close to the entire band.  They were like brothers to him, but Ryan was always there for him.  Even when John and Matt were done with JT before he went to rehab, Ryan and Mike were the ones to continuously reach out to him.  Ryan was the first person to call JT after his fiancée broke up with him.  He was always honest with JT, and though he didn’t always agree with his choices, Ryan would always support him.



Music notes


Matt waited on the long line for movie tickets impatiently.  He was already annoyed he lost the bet with Ryan over their basketball game.  The bet was that the loser had to treat everyone to the movie.  Matt didn’t care about the money.  What’s sixty bucks to him?  It was the feeling of defeat that got to him.  He would have a rematch one day soon and he promised himself he’d win.


Several young women had noticed Matt and were staring and whispering.  After ten years of being in this business, Sound Wave were used to it and learned to block it out.  This was part of their life.  People started to approach him for autographs and pictures on their camera phones.  One girl caught Matt’s eye and after the other fans drifted away, he started to flirt with her.


“What movie are you seeing?” Matt asked.


“The Zac Efron one,” she said, hoping Matt would say the same. “How about you?”


“That new thriller,” he replied, pointing up at the list of titles.  “You don’t like scary movies?”


“Not really,” the girl shrugged.


“I’d protect you,” he smirked.


She blushed.  Ryan, Dave and John walked over cutting into Matt’s flirtations.


“Oh my God…”


The girl gasped, covering her mouth once she caught sight of Ryan and John.  Ryan playfully looked behind him.


“What?  Is someone behind me?” he asked and Dave laughed.


John shook the girl’s hand.


“Hi, it’s nice to meet you…” John said waiting for the girl to tell him her name.


“Laura,” she answered him.


“Laura,” John finished his sentence that had been left hanging.


“JT and Cooper aren’t here yet?”

“Nope,” Matt said realizing the line moved and he was finally at the window.


He told the cashier how many tickets and for which movie he wanted.  Laura still stood there in some kind of shock.


“Laura, the movie is starting!”


A guy poked his head out of the theater and called.


“I’ll be right there!” She yelled back right in John’s ear.


He stuck his finger in his ear and everyone laughed.


“Sorry.  That’s my brother,” Laura wanted to make that fact perfectly clear.  “Well, it was nice meeting you guys,” she said sullenly, not wanting to leave.


Matt turned toward her after getting his change and the tickets from the cashier.


“Hold up,” Matt took out his cell phone.  “Can I get your number?”


“Sure!” Laura said enthusiastically.  “Sorry,” she laughed nervously.


Laura recited her number before Matt kissed her cheek.  Everyone else said their goodbyes to her before she walked off.  John shook his head at Matt.


“What?” Matt asked with a shrug.


“Getting girls’ hopes up?”


“I am going to call her, John,” Matt defended.


“For a booty call?”




“Matt, come on.  I’ve known you long enough.  That girl can’t be more than eighteen, and she obviously idolizes us and–”


“And what?  I can’t just ever like a girl?” Matt asked, getting annoyed.


“Look, we’re older now.  We’re supposed to be more mature.  Everyone else got over this sleeping with groupies bullshit.”


“First, who says I’m going to sleep with her?”


Ryan laughed at that.  Matt scowled at him and he raised his hands in apology.


“Secondly, who says she’s a groupie?  There are fans who aren’t looking to get laid by a celebrity and start some scandal, and who don’t stalk us!” Matt said exasperated.  “…And I have matured, John.  No matter what you believe, so get off my fucking back!” he yelled.




John rolled his eyes as Matt still fumed.  Dave stood there uncomfortably.


“Don’t worry, Dave.  This is normal for them.  They fight like crazy,” Ryan chuckled.


In the past, Matt has been linked to the term “player”.  He was always proud of his reputation with women.  He rarely had a serious girlfriend, and didn’t want one for the most part.  Matt didn’t understand why John gave him such a hard time about his love life.  He remembers John sleeping around with girls when they first started out in the group.  Matt was just a kid then, and looked up to John.  JT was known to sleep around as well, but he was more known for “serial dating”, which is how the gossip television shows put it.  JT jumped from relationship to relationship as well as bed to bed.  Still, Matt didn’t understand why he was the one to always get a lecture.


John was now thirty-two-years-old, but acted even older.  He naturally looked out for the rest of Sound Wave, mostly because Ryan was his baby brother, and because he watched the rest of the boys grow into men.  Though he wasn’t as religious as the rest of his family, John still didn’t like the lifestyle Matt lived.  He saw JT go down a bad road years back, and didn’t want Matt to do the same.


JT pulled up to the movie theater.  He rolled the window down and called out to everyone.


“Can someone help Cooper?  I have to park the car.”


Dave and John rushed over.  Ryan looked over at Matt, his only excuse not to make eye contact with Cooper once she got out of the car.


“Hey, forget about it, man.”


Ryan patted Matt’s shoulder.  He felt incredibly short at that moment.  Ryan was always self-conscious about his height.  With both John and Matt being over six foot, it was a little intimidating at times.  Ryan would then wonder how obvious it was to the world how short he actually was.


“She still looks good,” Matt stared over in Cooper’s direction.


“What do you mean?”


Ryan followed his gaze.


“The rule of chicks at weddings.”


“What rule?” Ryan asked, thinking Matt was a bit crazy.


“You know, that they may look like a ten, but really be a four,” Matt smirked.  “Cooper defied that one.”


Ryan looked over at Cooper again.


“At the wedding, I thought she was a seven.  Now, I still think she’s a seven,” Matt looked her up and down, and Ryan decided he didn’t like it.


“Stop it, you perv,” Ryan smacked his chest.


Matt just laughed.


“You think she’s only a seven?” he asked, surprised.


Matt shrugged, “Maybe an eight.”


Ryan decided in his own mind that Cooper was definitely a ten.


John and Dave helped Cooper over to Matt and Ryan.  Cooper ignored Ryan for the most part, only speaking to him when he spoke to her.


Once seated in the movie theater, Cooper found herself in between JT and Matt, while Ryan sat at the end of the row.  Every once in a while Cooper had the distinct feeling she was being stared at.  Though each time Cooper looked in the direction of Ryan, he was staring at the screen.  She wondered if maybe it was wishful thinking on her part.  She decided to throw herself into the movie instead of worrying about Ryan.  Soon Cooper was clinging to JT and regretted agreeing to see a horror film.  JT certainly didn’t mind.  He would thank Matt later for picking the gory movie.


Unlike some men, JT was fond of cuddling.  At the young age of twenty-six, he’s been through a lot.  He had a sex life men of all ages dreamed about.  At some point, JT realized there was more to life and more to relationships than sex though.  He enjoyed simple mundane things despite his need for the spotlight, and was always huge on romance.  He figures he owes that to being raised by women since his father left early on in his life.  JT wrapped his arms around Cooper as she buried her head into his chest.


“Is it safe to look?”


“Yup,” JT said, before smirking over at Matt.


Cooper looked up at the screen and immediately regretted it; seeing some kind of deformed figure.  She let out a shriek followed by the feeling of instant embarrassment.  Everyone laughed at her and Cooper smacked JT, who just smiled and continued hugging her.


Ryan watched on, now not caring who saw him staring.  He couldn’t believe Cooper was warming up to JT so quickly.  It made him rethink their entire night at the wedding together.  Ryan firmly believes in fate and angels.  To him, certain people and moments are to be cherished; they are significant in God’s plan.  He remembers thinking the night he met Cooper that she had something to do with “the plan”.  Somehow he thought Cooper would make an impact on his life, he just didn’t know how.


Danielle was supposed to be his soul mate, the one he’d share the rest of his life with, who he would raise children with.  Ryan knows that can’t be Cooper’s role.  Though somewhere deep down, he imagined it was.  It almost felt like a school boy crush, but he wouldn’t dare cheat on Danielle or anyone.


Still, Cooper struck him as someone he should know.  Now looking at her in JT’s arms, like they are lovers, disgusted him.  Maybe I was wrong, he thought.  Maybe people were just drawn to Cooper automatically.  Maybe she tricked me somehow.  Ryan decided she wasn’t an angelic force, but in fact, maybe she was a devil trying to tempt him.  And tempted he was.  To kiss her, to hold her, to pull her away from JT.  Ryan couldn’t explain anything going on inside of him.  Maybe it was just the stress of getting married.  Cold feet, he decided and would leave it at that.


Music notes


After the movie, JT went to pull the car around while everyone else dispersed to their rental cars.  Ryan decided to stay behind and wait with Cooper, though it was extremely awkward.


“You can go.  JT will be back in a minute and I am a grown woman,” Cooper said, not really looking Ryan in the face.


“Are you?”


Cooper now looked directly at him.


“I mean you’re the one holding a grudge,” he shrugged.


“I’m holding a grudge?”


“Yeah.  I’m trying to be your friend like we agreed?”


Cooper rolled her eyes, “And what if I don’t want your friendship?”


He wasn’t sure what to say.


“Cooper, I said I was sorry.”


Ryan decided to take that road and hoped it would smooth things over.


“Fine.  No hard feelings,” she responded, still coldly though.




Ryan broke out with his Will Ferrell impersonation, holding up his hand.  It did the trick.  Cooper not only smiled at him, but laughed as she gave him a high-five.


“You’re going to miss that, aren’t you?”


“Maybe,” she smirked.  “Is this the last I’ll see of you?”


“I don’t know.  Is this the last you want to see of me?”


“Well, I can deal with seeing you again, I guess.  I mean you are JT’s friend and I plan on seeing JT again,” Cooper figured that was the best response.


It hurt Ryan to a degree.  He knew JT didn’t always leave women on the best of terms.  That’s even saying Cooper and JT’s fling goes beyond this point, he thought.  Either way, Ryan knew there was a chance if he relied on JT to see Cooper again, it most likely wouldn’t happen.  Ryan finally admitted to himself that Cooper was just a girl he met at a wedding and would vanish from his life forever.  He just had to accept it.  Once JT pulled up, Ryan helped Cooper into the car.  He kissed her cheek and their eyes locked before they said their last goodbye.


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