Lost In You - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Preview: Cooper meets famous boy band Sound Wave at a wedding in not the most graceful way, drawing more attention to herself than she intended.

Finding their way toward the altar, Dave and Cooper’s goal was to go in unnoticed. That goal was simply not accomplished as Cooper’s ankle twisted yet again. She grabbed onto Dave with a small yelp, which sounded much louder as it echoed off the church walls.  A collective stare was sent their way from both sides of the church. Cooper flushed with embarrassment as Dave pulled her along to a pew, which creaked with age as they sat. The space barely seated them both.


As Cooper looked around, she had never seen a church so crowded; not that she could remember the last time she had been to church.


Growing up, Cooper and her baby brother, Zac, were raised in the Roman Catholic Church.  They went to Sunday school and made their Communion and Confirmation.  Her mother, Allison, was devout in her religion; always wearing a cross around her neck.  Despite her upbringing, she disregarded her faith as an adult, feeling religion was just a way to take people’s money.


Cooper smoothed her hands over her periwinkle dress, hoping it was fancy enough before folding her hands in her lap. She looked up at the altar and noticed some of the groomsmen snickering still over her stunt on the way in. She sighed and turned her attention to the bridesmaids walking in. It was then she actually remembered the last time she’d been to church.


About three years ago, she was a bridesmaid in her brother, Zac’s wedding.  His wife, Marcela reminded Cooper of the groom’s sister. She had just walked down the aisle, as Dave gave commentary on each of the bridesmaids; who they were and how they knew the bride or groom.


Zac’s wedding was in a Catholic church also, and Marcela’s side was all Colombian while her side was mostly Irish. Cooper was the only girl in her family after her aunt died two years ago.  Since her brother’s wedding, Cooper has felt the pressure of tying the knot herself. She was far from walking down the aisle though, far from anything really.


Cooper was only twenty-five, but her father abandoning the family when she was twelve is one of the many circumstances that forced her to grow up quickly. Afterwards, her mother moved them around so frequently that nothing ever felt like home.  Money was also tight, leaving their apartment somewhat bare, and their mother at work more often than not. Cooper was left to take care of Zac and cook dinner every night.


From Kentucky to Louisiana to Georgia to New Jersey and just about everywhere in between, Cooper was used to change and expected it every day, but she didn’t expect it when her mother was killed in a car crash six years ago. Since then, change didn’t find Cooper; she found it—in school, in her job, in her love life. When Dave moved to Orlando a few years ago, she agreed to move with him, but quickly backed out.  She moved to Boston instead. She changed her mind faster than she could change her life.


Kelly walk down the aisle as flashes went off. A camera crew from InStyle was filming the ceremony.  Cooper wondered how Kelly could deal with her boyfriend, soon-to-be husband constantly in the spotlight.  Kelly’s fiancé; Mike Bailey, better known as Mikie or B. to his friends, is a musician; a singer mostly.  He wasn’t a cheesy wedding singer, either.  Mike was in one of the most successful bands of all time: Sound Wave.  They were a group of five guys who made it big in the late 1990’s with the swarm of pop music that hit big then.  Sound Wave had been considered a phenomenon in music, and still had a strong following in the industry.


Today was the most important day of Kelly and Mike’s life and yet it was being filmed for the world to see just to boost ratings. Cooper decided she never wanted to date a celebrity, not even if he was Adam Sandler. Though he wasn’t the best-looking guy in the world, she found him attractive.  He was always the type of guy she could see herself being with. She liked to laugh and she liked a guy who didn’t take himself too seriously.


As the priest began, Cooper studied the bridal party at the altar.  Mike Bailey was on the short side with broad shoulders.  He had dark features and a sweet smile.  The best man had to be Mike’s brother, Cooper decided. There was a strong family resemblance. She then looked at the six ushers, knowing some of them had to be Mike’s four band mates. So these guys are Sound Wave? she thought.


Cooper was a teenager when the whole boy band phase hit.  Just standing there, they looked fairly normal, well, except for maybe the one with the sculpted sideburns and goatee.  JT, she thought, remembering his name. She was never really a fan of the boy band, though she knew they probably hated that term. She wasn’t fond of it, either.


Cooper wasn’t big on music, but didn’t criticize. To her, no one had an identity on the radio. She had her favorite songs, but that was as far as it went. Most of the time, she didn’t know who sang what. All she knew about Sound Wave was what she could remember the girls talking about in high school, which was silly, stereotypical things like their favorite colors and who was the group’s rebel or heartthrob.  The teen magazines had pretty much posted the same things about the Backstreet Boys that they did about ‘N Sync.  Sound Wave was no different either


Cooper was definitely more of a movie buff than a hardcore music fan. She could spend weekend upon weekend watching movies. She liked to feel lost in them. Romantic comedies were her passion and she often cried, even if they weren’t that sappy. Her friend and roommate, Casey, who’s more of a bookworm, suggested reading as a great escape, but Cooper liked to see the story in front of her since she was never very good with imagination.  She was too realistic for that.
By the time the ceremony was over, Cooper was crying. She hated that she cried so easily. She saw it as a weakness, and she rarely had control over her tears.


The groomsmen and the bridesmaids made their way up the aisle.  A tall blond man snickered when he got close enough to Cooper.  She knew he had to be a band member judging from his good looks alone.  She blushed, slightly embarrassed that he was bringing even more attention to her entrance from earlier.


The groomsman behind him was the man with the smiling eyes—the one who kept catching Cooper’s eye.  He was on the short side for a man.  His dirty blond hair curled a bit in the back in a childlike way.  His chiseled jaw was that of a man, though.  He joined in with the tall blond man making fun of her by imitating her trip.  She couldn’t help but laugh, even if it was at her expense.  The smiling eyed young man patted her shoulder.


“It happens to the best of us.”


He flashed a cheeky grin and Cooper smiled back with a nod. Though she was mortified, she had a sense of humor about it and didn’t mind the teasing too much, even if it was from a boy band member and some attractive stranger.


As Cooper and Dave made their way to the car, thunder boomed and lightning flashed as rain threatened to pour down at any second.

“You better run if you don’t want to get soaked,” Dave warned.
“Ugh, you couldn’t have pulled the car up?” Cooper whined, hobbling along behind him.


Just as they got into the car, the sky opened up and buckets of rain crashed down.

Music notes

The bridal suite bustled with commotion. Ryan Latham stared out the window watching the rain fall.  His mind flashed to the woman at the church.  She stood out to him for some reason and he couldn’t figure out why.  He ran a hand through the back of his dirty blond curls, wishing he would have gotten a trim before the wedding.  His hair curled as soon as it grew out and he hated it.


Kelly was practically in tears as Mike tried to calm her down.  He rubbed her arms affectionately and spoke softly to his new bride.


“We barely got any pictures at the church. Fucking rain!” Kelly cried angrily.


Looking away from the window, Ryan was almost shocked by her outburst.

“Baby, it’ll be fine. The photographer’s setting up downstairs,” Mike said taking her hand. “They’re going to make everything really nice.”  Kelly nodded, wiping her tears.  Mike pecked her lips, “Hey, we’re married.”


He smiled and so did Kelly before he pulled her into another kiss. Ryan smiled to himself, admiring their love.
“Yo Ryan,” Matt, the tall blonde called, “check this out.”


Ryan looked over at Matt and JT, who each had a basket of fake fruit on their heads and were dancing around.


“Mamae Eu Quero…” JT sang, causing Ryan to crack up laughing as he clapped his hands together.
“Guys, cut it out,” John warned, just as any father would.


Ryan laughed inwardly at his older brother.  After ten years in a music group together, John still felt the need to take charge, even at a wedding, which wasn’t even his own. Matt took pride in getting a rise out of the “old man” as he often referred to John as. Being twenty-three now, Matt was the eldest in his family, but the youngest band member, and enjoyed playing both brotherly roles.


“The photographer’s ready,” Mike’s brother announced.
“Great, more pictures,” JT said sarcastically. “Like we don’t take enough.”
“Hey, this is our wedding day. Take the damn pictures or you don’t eat,” Mike winked.
“Whatever you say, B,” JT said patting his back.
“Hey, does that mean we can call Kelly ‘Mrs. B’?” Ryan asked.


Kelly smiled and laughed.


“Sure Ry, but only you,” she said.


Ryan put his fists in the air in victory.


“Woot! Woot!”


He shouted in the goofy way only Ryan could get away with.  He was playful, but sweet, and somehow made anything seem funny.


Music notes

Cooper touched up her make-up in the mirror as a familiar woman stood next to her. The woman smiled at her and it hit Cooper who she was. Leslie Sanders, a singer from her childhood.


“Oh my God!” Cooper exclaimed.
“What?” Leslie asked, taken by surprise.
“You’re Leslie Sanders!”
“I am,” she laughed, “I take it you’re not on the groom’s side?”


“I’m not on any side,” Cooper said, still star struck as she just stared. “My uncle had such a crush on you.”
“Well, don’t I feel old,” Leslie said. “I think they’re going to start announcing the bridal party. Maybe I’ll see you in there,” Leslie walked out of the bathroom and Cooper stared at her reflection in the mirror.
“Wow…” She said to herself before walking out of the bathroom as well.


Sure enough the bridal party was lined up in the corridor and they all looked at her.  Not wanting to ruin the introductions, Cooper didn’t know if it was okay to go into the reception.  Instead, she just stood there.
“You can go in through here,” John said pointing to another door.
“Oh, thanks,” she smiled at him.


“Don’t trip on your way in!” Matt called out.


Cooper laughed, but blushed, wondering why the blond heartthrob from Sound Wave was trying to keep her humiliation going.


“She’s cute,” Matt concluded after Cooper entered the reception area.


“Well, making fun of her every second really isn’t going to score you points,” Ryan laughed.
“Hey, she smiled at me, didn’t she?”
Ryan shrugged, “I smile at you, too, but really it’s because your hair is sticking up.”


“What?” Matt asked, putting his hands to his head. “Is it? Oh man, I have to find a mirror,” he said about to walk away.
“Matt, we’re about to start,” Carmella, Mike’s sister protested.


“Your hair’s fine. I’m just messin’,” Ryan laughed.


Cooper found her seat just as Mike’s parents were announced. It seemed as if each guest had a camera, but Dave also informed Cooper that Mike and Kelly allowed select press to photograph the first hour of the reception. After Kelly’s parents were introduced, Cooper shifted in her seat, not realizing her dress was caught on the side of the chair. As she turned, all she heard was a loud tearing sound and she stared down at her now exposed thigh. What was originally a small slit in her dress going up mid-calf, now came provocatively high up her entire leg.
“Oh my God…” Cooper gasped, trying to hold the material of her dress together.
“What?” Dave asked.
“I ripped my dress. I need to find safety pins,” she said grabbing her purse.
“Cooper, it’s not a big deal,” he sighed, but she was already out of her seat, covering her thigh with her purse.


Ryan had his arm linked with one of the bridesmaids, waiting to be announced, when the side door opened and knocked him into her.


“Jesus!” he said shocked, only to see the clumsy girl from the church walk out of the door.


“I’m so sorry,” she apologized.
“Today’s not your day, huh?” Ryan asked smiling.
“No,” she sighed. “Does anyone have any safety pins?” she asked.
“No, sorry,” the girl on Ryan’s arm apologized.
“You ripped your dress?” Ryan asked, glancing at her trying to cover up her thigh.


“Yup,” Cooper sighed again.
“It looks fine, sweetheart,” JT assured her and Cooper pulled her hands away slowly.
“I think it’s too much,” she said.
“Nah.  Have you seen the how the groom’s family is dressed? You can get away with this,” Ryan laughed, his southern drawl coming out slightly.


“I heard that, Rizz,” Carmella said from a few spots behind him.


Rizz was Ryan’s nickname from his high school basketball team.  The name remained with him all these years.


“Sorry Carm,” he said before flashing Cooper an ‘oops’ expression.
Cooper laughed, “Well, I just hope it doesn’t rip anymore.”
“We’d enjoy the show,” Matt said with a cackle. “You’ve been the entertainment for us so far.”
“Gee, thanks,” Cooper laughed nervously.
“Here, I found one safety pin,” Carmella offered.
“Thanks,” she took the pin from her and quickly made her way into the bathroom.


Cooper felt a little less exposed with the one safety pin in her dress, though it was still too much skin for her. She glanced at her up-do in the mirror, glad she decided to get the blonde highlights added to her natural reddish-brown hair.


“You missed the rest of the introductions,” Dave said when Cooper got back to her seat.
She shrugged, “I met half the bridal party in the lobby anyway.”
“Oh, so what did you think of Sound Wave?”
“Um, the one with the goatee,” she snapped her fingers, reminding herself of his name, “JT, and the heartthrob one, they were kind of making fun of me, but one of the other guys in the bridal party…I don‘t think he‘s in the band, he was pretty nice to me,” she shrugged, referring to Ryan unknowingly.


She turned her attention to the dance floor where the newlyweds were moving around in slow, rhythmic circles.


“At this time, Mike and Kelly would like all the couples to join them on the dance floor,” the DJ announced.
“Come on.  I‘m not ashamed to dance with my cousin,” Dave laughed.
“Wait, these shoes are coming off,” Cooper insisted.


She unbuckled her shoes and kicked them under the table before following Dave out to the dance floor; immediately feeling relief in her ankle.


As Ryan danced with Kelly’s cousin, he glanced over at Cooper. Her eyes met his, and he smiled at her sweetly. She returned his smile before looking away bashfully.


Cooper had the worst luck today. From their plane delay to waking up late from her nap to forgetting her favorite lip gloss back home.  On top of all that was her clumsiness.  She was almost fearful for the rest of the night.


At the close of the dance, everyone clapped.



“I’m going to say hi to Kelly’s family,” Dave said.
“Okay, I’m going to get a drink.”



Cooper walked toward the bar and glanced around the elaborately decorated room.  Large columns were strategically placed throughout the hall; avoiding interference with the dance floor.  Beautiful, sparkling chandeliers hung from the ceiling, and bushels of exotic lavender and pink flowers served as centerpieces for the tables.


“What would you like?” the bartender asked.
“Red wine, please.”
“And you, sir?” he asked and Cooper looked next to her to see Ryan standing there.
“A Corona,” Ryan said before smiling at her. “Are you sure you should be drinking?”


Cooper rolled her eyes, “I’m normally not this accident prone, honest.”
“I’ll take your word on that,” he laughed. “So, are you a friend of Kelly’s or somethin‘?”
“No, I just met her today actually.  I’m here with my cousin,” she explained. “He used to date Kelly.”
“Oh, well, that’s awkward. Does Mikie know that?” Ryan asked.
“I’m pretty sure. I never met him, though,” Cooper shrugged. “Honestly, I can’t even tell you what Sound Wave sings,” she laughed. “I feel like an idiot.”


Ryan chuckled and grabbed his beer from the bar, as Cooper took her wine.


“Cheers,” he smiled and they clanked glasses before each taking a sip.
“So the annoying one…” Cooper nodded toward the table where the bridal party sat. “Is that Matt or Ryan?”


Ryan almost choked on his drink.
“Excuse me?”
“Sorry, are you friends with them? I just figured you were in Kelly’s family.”


Ryan laughed and decided to have a little fun with Cooper.


“Oh yeah, I’m Kelly’s cousin,” Ryan lied.  “Which one is the annoying one?”
“The tall blond one—the heartthrob, I’m assuming.”
“That’s Matt,” Ryan confirmed.
“He used to date that supermodel, right?”


Cooper remembered Matt Porter and the “it” girl’s picture plastered on the cover of magazines, usually tabloids ripping the couple, who lasted all of three months, to shreds.
“You don’t know what the band sings, but you know Matt dated Anastasia Milos?”
Cooper shrugged, “I watch Entertainment Tonight.”


Ryan nodded.


“I know JT’s the one with the goatee.  The one with the spiky hair is Ryan?” she questioned.
“No, John.”


“So who’s Ryan?” Cooper asked, looking at him.


He smiled at her, his eyes twinkling. Matt was right, he thought.  She is definitely cute.


“That’s Ryan,” he pointed at one of Kelly’s actual cousins in the bridal party.
“Oh, thanks,” she smiled. “I would have felt stupid if I didn’t know who they were the rest of the night.”
Ryan laughed, “No problem.  Glad I could help.  What’s your name?” Ryan asked as a rap song came on drowning out their conversation slightly.
“I’m Cooper.”


“No, I’m cooler,” he laughed confused, not hearing her correctly.


She’s cute, but a little strange, he thought.


“No…” she giggled. “Cooper. That’s my name,” she emphasized the “P” in her name.
“First or last?” Ryan asked.


“First. After Cooperstown, New York,” she shrugged. “My mom was a big baseball fan.”
“That’s so cool.  I’m a big fan, too,” Ryan smiled.


Something about the way her eyes looked when Cooper mentioned her mother allowed Ryan to feel her pain, though he didn’t know why.


“Would you like to dance, Cooper?”
“Okay,” she paused.  “Wait, what’s your name?”
“Uh…Tom,” he said flashing a cheeky grin.


She smiled back, pulling him toward the dance floor.  His smile is so contagious, she thought as they started to dance.


“Do you like this song?” Ryan asked.
“Yeah. Is this Chingy?”
“Nelly,” he corrected.
“All rappers sound alike sometimes,” Cooper defended herself before rambling about different hip-hop artists.

“You talk a lot.”
“Excuse me?” she asked as her dancing came to a halt.
“I didn’t mean that as a bad thing. You just remind me of a buddy of mine.”


Ryan smiled, thinking of JT’s ability to babble on and on.  Cooper instantly smiled back and wished she had control of her mouth; it was starting to get tired of meeting “Tom” grin for grin.

“Go Rizzle! Go Rizzle!” JT and Matt shouted.


Cooper looked over Ryan’s shoulder and JT winked at her.
“We have an audience,” she commented.
“Let them watch.”


Ryan laughed and their bodies moved closer until their arms were wrapped around each other, and they were dropping down to the floor; which the rap song referred to as “getting their eagle on”.

“Whoa Rizz!” JT yelled.


Ryan apologized to Cooper, feeling like he was being inappropriate with her as he raised himself up from the floor and pulled her up with him.  Ryan wasn’t the type of guy to dance provocatively, especially with a stranger.

“It’s okay. I’m not as shy as I appear to be,” Cooper laughed.
“Wanna meet the guys?” Ryan asked, ignoring her comment.
“The guys?” she questioned as he pulled her by the hand and over to the bridal party table.

“Hey, what is this? Support the cute klutz day?” Matt teased.
“Be nice. She already hates you,” Ryan laughed.
“How can you hate me?” Matt asked wide-eyed.
“Very easily, actually,” Cooper smiled.
“Make it up to her and ask her to dance,” John suggested, shooting a side glance at Ryan.


“Let’s get down,” JT grabbed Cooper’s hand before she or Matt could react.
“Hey!” Matt yelled. “Man…” he whined and Ryan and John laughed at him.
“JT Madden,” he introduced himself while kissing Cooper’s hand before placing it on his shoulder.
“Cooper,” she smiled.
“Cool name.”
“Thanks.  What’s JT stand for?”


“James Taylor,” he rolled his eyes with a laugh.

“No, it does not,” Cooper laughed as well.

“Yeah, my mom is a huge fan.  She loves Elvis, too.  At least she didn’t go with that.”

Cooper smiled and laughed again.


“Well, I’m grateful my mom went with Cooperstown and not one of the Yankees.”

“Ah, so that’s where the name comes from,” JT smiled.  “What player was she considering naming you after?”

“Reggie Jackson.  My last name is Jackson, so…” Cooper laughed.

“Reggie is kind of cute, but I like Cooper better,” JT winked.


They continued to dance for another minute or so before JT pulled Cooper dangerously close against his body, causing her to blush. She could feel his hand linger on her exposed thigh as it made its way up to her hip.  The smell of his cologne made her want to get even closer. JT smiled at her sexily, knowing there was definite chemistry between them. He loved the control he had over women. Though JT didn’t have a baby cute face like Matt or the tall, dark and handsome look of John, he did have plenty of sexuality and passion; it oozed, especially on the stage, or in this case, the dance floor.


“JT, are you trying to compete with my dancing?” Ryan asked as Cooper and JT left the dance floor.
“Rizz, it’s no competition,” JT laughed.


“We weren’t properly introduced,” John butted in. “I’m John.”
“I’m Matt. Sorry for laughing at you,” he smirked, sticking his hand out.


“I’m Cooper and I don’t think you are,” she said, not bothering to accept his handshake.
“Pooper?” Matt questioned and everyone laughed as she rolled her eyes.
“Cccooopper,” she dragged out the name.
“Oh.” Matt nodded, finding the name odd for a female.


Just then, Kelly’s cousin came over to the table and was trying to get to his seat, but everyone was in the way as they made their introductions to Cooper.


“Excuse me.”
“Hi, Ryan, right?” Cooper asked, happy she wouldn’t look stupid in front of Sound Wave.


Though she wasn’t a fan, meeting celebrities is still an exciting thing for her, even though she felt embarrassed from her previous incidents that night.


“Uh, no…George,” he said eyeing her as if she were crazy.


George quickly made his way to his seat.  The guys looked at her oddly, except for Ryan, who turned away and snickered to himself.

“I thought you said he was Ryan,” Cooper said looking at “Tom”.
“Oops, my mistake,” Ryan said immediately, turning back to look at her.


He was trying to keep a straight face.
“Rizz…” JT started slowly, shaking his head.
“Ryan, would you leave this poor girl alone?” John sighed, eyeing Ryan. “I’m sorry, sweetie. I don’t know what’s gotten into my brother.”
“You’re Ryan?” Cooper asked.
“Yeah, I’m sorry. I was just having a little fun with you,” he apologized.


Cooper just sighed and shook her head.


“I’ll get you a drink, what would you like?” Ryan asked, smiling sweetly.
“The drinks are free,” Cooper scoffed, thinking the gesture was not enough.  “I’ll have another glass of wine.”
“You got it.”
“…And you now have to be my bar wench for the rest of the night,” Cooper ordered.
“Yes, ma’am.”


Ryan saluted her as if he were a soldier in the army before walking away. JT laughed and slung his arm around Cooper‘s shoulders.

“There you are,” Dave said walking over. “I thought you tripped into a ditch or something.”
“I made some new enemies,” Cooper joked.


JT dropped his arm from around her shoulder quickly.

“Sorry man, I didn’t know she was with anyone.”
“She’s my cousin,” Dave laughed.
“Cool, cool,” JT smiled.


Kelly and Mike walked over to the group a moment later.

“John, I asked the DJ to play some old school stuff for you,” Mike said.
“Thanks dawg,” John laughed.
“Hey, aren’t you the girl who tripped?” Mike asked looking at Cooper.
“Yes,” she sighed.

“Mikie, this is Dave’s cousin, Cooper,” Kelly introduced them.
“It’s nice to meet you. Are you having a good time?”
“Yeah, everything is so beautiful. Congratulations,” Cooper smiled.
“Aww, thank you, sweetheart,” Mike winked.


“Let’s dance,” Kelly suggested a moment later, pulling Mike toward the dance floor and JT joined them, sandwiching Kelly in between them.
“How do you know Dave and Cooper?” JT asked.
“Dave’s my ex.”
“Ah, watch out Mikie,” JT laughed.
“I’m perfectly secure, JT. Hey, get your hands off my wife,” he teased, pretending to slap JT’s hands away from Kelly‘s waist.


She laughed, enjoying the title of wife.
“His cousin is some little piece…” JT smirked, eyeing Cooper.
“JT… Be nice,” Mike and Kelly said simultaneously.


JT looked at them and laughed.

“You two are one already. Don’t worry, I’ll be very nice,” he grinned.


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