Lost In You - Chapter 2
Chapter 2 Preview: As the wedding continues, Cooper has fun dancing with boy band member JT, but her eyes can’t help but stay on his band mate, Ryan.

“Here you go, darlin’.”


Ryan handed Cooper her drink.


“Thanks Tom,” she rolled her eyes. “I was a little curious as to why they were calling you Rizz,” she laughed. “It suits a Ryan more than a Tom.”


Ryan smiled as Matt stepped up to them.


“You wanna dance?” Matt asked.
“Sure,” Cooper said taking his hand.


JT eyed Matt as he led Cooper into a slow dance. He danced with Carmella as he watched Matt and Cooper jealously. Matt flashed him a playful half-smile as if he were challenging JT. The guys were all pretty competitive with one another, but especially JT and Matt–being that they were the closest in age, as well as the youngest in the band.


“Ow!” Cooper whined as Matt stepped on her toes.
“Sorry,” he laughed. “So where are you from?”
“I live in Jersey. You?”
“I was living in LA for a little while, but I moved back to Florida now, which is where I grew up,” Matt explained.


“May I cut in?” JT asked.
“Sorry, dude.”


Matt held Cooper tighter, and JT swung his foot up and kicked him in the behind.


“Ow, turd,” Matt whined before stepping on Cooper’s toes again.
“That’s it; I’m dancing with JT,” she went to walk away, but Matt pulled her back into his arms.
“Dance on my feet,” he suggested.
She laughed, “I’ll hurt you.”
“You will not.”


Cooper stepped up on Matt’s feet, and he grimaced instantly as he tried to move with her on his feet.

“You can’t tell me I’m not hurting you right now,” Cooper said.
“You are,” Matt laughed with a nod.
“Good,” she grinned.
“You’re mean,” he pouted.
“Me!?” Cooper laughed and so did Matt.


Ryan watched the dance floor and John sighed.

“Bro, what are you doing?” John asked.
“What am I doing?” Ryan wondered with a shrug.
“You’re flirting with that girl.”
“I am not. You got me confused with JT and Matt.”
“Right,” John eyed him, taking a sip of his wine.
“Lighten up, Johnny. It’s a party,” Ryan sighed.


An hour later, Cooper was still on the dance floor. Ryan and Matt had sat down to eat their pasta as if it would be their last meal, but JT had pulled Cooper into a slow dance that seemed to leave them the only two on the floor.


Cooper was having a great time, enjoying the playful flirtations she shared with JT mostly, but sometimes with Ryan, and even Matt in almost a joking manner.


She couldn’t deny the sexual energy between her and JT, but she felt almost like a school girl every time Ryan smiled at her. She was instantly attracted to Ryan ever since she laid eyes on him at the church. Now, her mind flip-flopped back and forth on who she wanted. Her body moved with JT’s, but her eyes were constantly seeking out Ryan.


“Come to the bar with me?” Cooper asked. JT nodded and followed. “Can I have a glass of red, please?”
The bartender poured a glass of an expensive Pinot Noir and handed it to her. He looked at JT expectantly.
“Diet Coke,” JT ordered before smiling at her.


Suddenly, she remembered JT’s alcohol problem several years back. It was all over the news, and she remembers her friends in high school distraught over it. JT had fallen off some sort of pedestal the public put him on, and she remembers feeling sympathy for him and the kind of pressure his fame must have put on him.


He certainly wasn’t the first celebrity to become a victim to alcohol or drugs, and wouldn’t be the last. Nowadays, it seemed everyone in Hollywood paid a trip to rehab, squeaky clean images or not.


“God, I’m so sorry,” she sighed, feeling stupid.
“For what?” JT asked, grabbing his soda from the bar. “Thank you,” he told the bartender before they started walking away.
“Asking you to come to the bar with me.”
“Oh, come on,” he waved her off and put his arm around her. “It’s fine, but if you really feel bad, I know a way you can make it up to me,” he winked as his hand slid down to her behind.


Cooper gasped, but really, it flattered her. JT slid his hand back up to rest on her back.
“Sorry, I couldn’t resist.”
“I should slap you for that,” she huffed.
“But you won’t, right?” he asked with a grin.


Cooper put her arm around his waist before pulling back and whacking his behind hard. JT yelped before looking at her surprised.

“That hurt,” he whined.
“That was the point,” she laughed.


Dinner was announced and everyone returned to their seats.

“Well, aren’t you the life of the party,” Dave said.
Cooper blushed, “They’re just being nice because they feel bad for making fun of me.”
“Yeah, that’s why JT and Ryan have hardly left your side all night.” Cooper just smiled with a blush. “Do you have a thing for any of them?”
“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “maybe.”


“Well, Kelly’s sister invited me back to her house. She’s having a little after party if you want to come? Or if you have other plans…” he said raising an eyebrow.
“Dave, you think–” she started, “I don’t have one-night stands,” Cooper whispered.
“God, no! That’s not what I meant. Gross, you’re my cousin. I don’t even want to think of you doing that. I just meant if you want to hang out with any of them afterwards, you don’t have to worry about me tagging along.”


Cooper laughed and nodded, thinking she would go straight to the hotel after the wedding… and she would go alone.

“Imagine if you married someone from Sound Wave?”


She rolled her eyes at her cousin. Dave was crazy sometimes with a big imagination. He had also trying to set Cooper up with any single friends he had.


“One, I wouldn’t even date a celebrity, and two, I don’t want to get married.”
“On the plane, you were going on and on about what you wanted your wedding to be like,” Dave pointed out.
“Yeah, if I had one.”
“You’re so fickle,” he shook his head with a laugh.

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“So JT, you think you’re getting some tonight?” Matt asked, shoving a piece of filet mignon into his mouth.
“Maybe,” JT shrugged. “I mean I definitely could nail Cooper, but I don’t know if I want to.”
“Oh, that’s real nice, JT,” John said.


“Why not, dude? She’s cute,” Matt said surprised.


He knew JT had a shot with Cooper and he didn’t; not after making fun of her and stepping on her toes all night.

“It’s not that I don’t want to sleep with her. Just not tonight, I mean it’s tacky to leave with her, you know?”


JT wouldn’t let the other guys know, but he honestly wasn’t sure if Cooper was even interested in him. She definitely loved to flirt with him, but nowadays, that didn’t mean much. JT himself was a natural flirt, who enjoyed making a girl blush—no matter her age, her marital status or if she was even attractive. He liked making women feel good. It gave their ego a boost and his.


As far as Cooper went, JT wasn’t all that sure she wasn’t into Matt. After all, he was the All-American heartthrob while JT was the offbeat one.


Ryan sighed, “JT, Cooper wouldn’t give into you anyway.”
“Thanks Rizz,” JT laughed.
“Maybe Cooper likes Tom,” Matt joked and Ryan laughed as if the thought was ridiculous.
“…Or maybe Tom likes her,” John said seriously, looking at his little brother as if he’d done something wrong.


Ryan stared back at John before rolling his eyes.

“Who the hell is Tom?” JT asked confused, breaking the tension between the brothers, who both laughed at him.


The reception was still in full swing an hour later. The hall was packed with energy and drunken shenanigans. Soon it was time for Kelly to throw the bouquet. Dave forced Cooper onto the dance floor with the help of Matt. Kelly turned her back and tossed the flowers into the air. It seemed to float straight to Cooper without her even having to try to catch it.


“Go Coop! Go Coop!” Matt and JT shouted as Cooper hid her face in the bouquet before walking back over to Dave.

“Ah-ha!” he laughed and she stuck her tongue out at him.
“I’m getting that garter,” JT insisted and Cooper laughed.


She wasn’t sure whether to root for JT or not. She knew he would make some show of putting that garter on her leg. The thought both excited her and terrified her.


Mike pulled the garter off Kelly’s leg with his teeth, and the male guests whistled.

“Yeah B!” Matt yelled.

Mike spun the garter around on his finger and soon, it was the guys’ turn to line up on the dance floor. Cooper shoved Dave out there as Ryan, JT, and Matt were goofing around and pushing each other.


“Hey, why aren’t you out there?” Cooper asked John, who was standing next to her.

He held up his left hand, revealing a wedding band.

Cooper nodded, “Where’s your wife?”
“She’s working on a movie in Europe. She’s a producer. Unfortunately, she couldn’t make it,” John explained. “Who are you rooting for?” he asked just before Mike threw the garter.
“Hmm, I’m not saying.”


She blushed as Ryan and JT practically knocked each other over fighting for the garter. Ryan finally won. He placed the garter on his head and started doing the cabbage patch dance. Cooper clapped and laughed hysterically.


“Well, I guess there’s my answer,” John said and Cooper just smiled at him.


“Okay Cooper, sit down in the chair,” the DJ instructed. “Now Ryan, put that garter on the pretty lady,” he said as some kind of striptease music began to play.


Ryan’s eyes locked with Cooper’s and they both grinned. He got down on his knees and lifted Cooper’s leg, placing it on his shoulder. The guests whistled, and Ryan put the garter around her ankle. He flashed an innocent smile before starting to pull the garter up her leg with his teeth. A shudder ran through Cooper as his teeth caught her skin lightly and his fingertips tickled her leg.


Once Ryan pulled away from her, they both laughed, realizing the garter could still be seen, due to the rip in her dress. Cooper hadn’t realized how far up the slit had gotten until that moment. That one safety pin did little to keep her thigh covered.


Ryan stood with one knee still on the floor and pecked Cooper’s lips as everyone cheered. It was then Cooper decided if she ever dated a celebrity, it would be Ryan. After all, she had originally assumed he wasn’t in Sound Wave. He just seemed so unaffected by fame, much like Mike, from what Dave had told her. Though Dave dated Kelly in the past, he considered Mike Bailey a good friend. They weren’t extremely close, but enjoyed each other’s company. Dave always told Cooper what a nice guy Mike was. Not that the rest of the group was caught up in the lifestyle so much so that they lost themselves as people. They made sure each other’s feet stayed on the ground.


However, John was the type to sip Chardonnay at a fancy restaurant with exquisite food in some little town in Italy. Matt enjoyed being adored and loved the attention from girls. It gave his insecurities an ego once in a while. And JT, he just screamed celebrity from his style to his natural smoothness. There was just this aura about him. It was very charming, Cooper thought.


In contrast to their band mates, Mike and Ryan seemed to enjoy everyday things most though, like the company of family and friends and having a bed to go home to at night. Cooper saw Ryan as the type of guy that would be satisfied with a nine to five routine as long as he had a good wife and kids to be around him. There was such a pure and genuine quality about him that intrigued her. She had pretty good intuition and was a great judge of character. She wondered if she was right about Ryan.

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At the end of the night, twenty different conversations went on as everyone decided what their plans were afterwards. After several glasses of wine, and more dancing with Sound Wave members, Cooper wasn’t so sure she could trust herself to go back to the hotel alone anymore. It had been so long since she had even kissed anyone and she missed it. To avoid a one-night stand, and the shame that would surely come along with it, Cooper decided to go to Kelly’s sister’s house with Dave. She even convinced the guys to go, too.


“I have to get my shoes,” Cooper said to a bunch of people she was talking to before running over to her table. She sat down and slid her shoes on. Dave sat down next to her.
“You get to drive,” he said, placing the valet ticket on the table.
“I don’t want to,” Cooper shrugged.
“I’m going to help bring some gifts back to Mikie and Kelly’s place first,” Dave explained.
“You’re leaving me?” she pouted.
“Bring one of the guys with you,” he winked and Cooper groaned.


Being alone with “one of the guys” was exactly what Cooper was afraid of. She enjoyed spending time with Sound Wave, but JT was leading her to dangerous grounds. Cooper knew anything with JT would be a one-night stand. She just didn’t want to subject herself to that, no matter how much her body craved it.


Dating was not her focus, fighting stability was. She wasn’t happy in her stuffy office job for a law firm or the rather plain apartment she shared with Casey. She hated New Jersey mostly, though it was where she was born, and sometimes, she wondered how she could deal with her roommate anymore.


Casey is a great person and a loyal friend, but she is an absolute slob and too promiscuous for her taste. No matter how much Cooper tries not to judge Casey, she couldn’t help it. Casey is a borderline slut, and Cooper is having a hard time putting that into perspective for her. Though Cooper didn’t consider herself religious, she had strong moral opinions instilled in her from childhood. Although she stopped going to church after her mother died, her morals remained faithful.


Upon landing in Florida, Cooper’s fight with stability was surfacing yet again. She regretted not moving to the area when she had the chance. Despite the rain, she liked the laid back vibe and warm weather as it was already a chilly autumn in New Jersey. Cooper’s spontaneity was coursing through her more and more as the day went on.


As soon as Dave left, Ryan sat down in his seat next to Cooper as she buckled her heels.


“Can I ask a huge favor?” Ryan asked, his Southern drawl coming out stronger than she had heard throughout the night.
“Where are you from?” Cooper asked and Ryan looked at her strangely.
“Really?” she smiled. “I lived there for a little while.”
“Which part?” Ryan asked.
“Cool,” he said.


It was the simplest of words, but for some reason, Ryan saying “cool” made Cooper want to pinch his cheeks.


“Can I ask my favor now?” he asked.
Cooper laughed, “Sorry, go on.”

She sat up, now done with her shoes.

“Well, we came here in the limo,” Ryan started. “John and Matt went with Carmella. JT and I are kind of stranded,” he smiled.

Cooper returned his smile, “Are you asking me for a ride?”

“Well, since we’re going to the same place and all…”
“No problem,” Cooper agreed.


Part of her was nervous; the other part was excited. She felt like a silly thirteen-year-old crushing on two boys at once. She was afraid she’d do something she’d regret, and she wasn’t sure what she’d regret more: letting things progress into going to bed with someone or not doing anything at all.


“All right, Mom,” JT sighed walking over with his cell phone in hand. “I’m sorry. Well, you have to pick me up then,” he groaned. “No, I’m not mad at you. I’ll see you in a few minutes,” JT hung up and looked over at Cooper and Ryan. “My mom is bitching me out.”


“Why? Wha’d ya do now?” Ryan laughed.
“She’s mad because I’ve been in Orlando for two whole days and have yet to visit her,” JT imitated his mother in a high pitched tone.
Cooper laughed, “Bad son.”
“Hey, I’m a great son!”
“He’s a Mama’s boy,” Ryan nodded.
“I wouldn’t talk.”


“I’m proud to love my Mama,” Ryan shrugged.
“Me too. I have the coolest Mom,” JT grinned.


Cooper nodded with a sad smile.

“I did, too.”


The two men passed a look between them.  Ryan sensed the same sadness from Cooper he had earlier in the night. JT noticed, too. Cooper had a way about her that made those around her feel every emotion she experienced.


“Unfortunately, you will have to go on without me,” JT sighed.
“Aw, I’ll miss you,” Cooper said.
“Maybe we can get together another time,” JT said. “Are you going to be in town long?”
“For the rest of the week,” she smiled.

JT handed her his cell phone.

“Put your number in there as ‘Sexy Coop’,” he winked.

Ryan rolled his eyes as Cooper laughed and did as he asked. JT hugged Cooper goodbye extra long, and Ryan was getting restless.

“JT, would you let her breathe already?” he asked.
“Bye Rizz,” JT mocked a cry and threw his arms around him.
“Say hi to Mama J for me,” Ryan said.


After JT walked away, Cooper and Ryan looked at each other awkwardly. The hall was practically bare now, as the guests and photographers scattered away.


“It’s falling down,” Ryan broke the silence.
“Huh?” Cooper asked confused.
“The garter.”


He pulled the lacy garment up her leg a little more. When his fingers brushed her inner thigh unintentionally, though they both noticed. Ryan’s normal modesty diminished around this girl.


“I look so trashy,” she sighed.
“You do not.”
“Whatever,” she rolled her eyes.
“Even if you were in that blue sequined number that drunken woman was wearing, you couldn’t look trashy.”
Cooper laughed, “She looked like a Fourth of July firecracker.”
“I know and she pinched my butt at the bar!” Ryan said wide-eyed.
“She thought you were sexy,” Cooper winked with a laugh.
“I don’t care. It’s my booty, not hers,” Ryan huffed before breaking into a small chuckle.


“We should get going. People are going to think I kidnapped you,” Cooper suggested.
“That’s okay. George can fill in for me as a member of Sound Wave,” Ryan joked.
“The guy I told you was me.”
“Oh, yeah, he looked at me like I was nuts all night,” Cooper groaned.
“Well, you are nuts. Who doesn’t know what Sound Wave looks like?”
“Conceited much?” Cooper teased.
“Me? Nah, that’s JT,” Ryan winked.


Cooper smiled at Ryan and wondered how the rest of the night would turn out. She was pretty nervous spending her night with celebrities, especially when two of them were flirting with her. Maybe that was just their personalities, Cooper thought, downplaying her own charm.


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