Lost In You - Epilogue
Epilogue Preview: Impulsive and insecure Cooper Jackson accompanies her cousin to a wedding where she meets Sound Wave, a famous boy band.

“Cooper, come on!”
“I just ripped my dress!” She freaked out.


Kelly peeked her head in the door and laughed.  Cooper stood in her gown with a pout on her face.  The slit went to her upper thigh.

“It doesn’t look bad.”

“I have to go down the aisle like this,” she huffed.

“Ryan won’t care, I’m sure.  Neither will JT,” Kelly laughed.

“Why does this happen to me?”

“Just don’t twist your ankle, okay?”

“Don’t jinx me,” Cooper shook her head.

Twenty minutes later, Cooper started down the aisle.  Her hands nervously shook; hoping nothing more than her leg was showing.  She looked up at the altar seeing Sound Wave.  They were all silently chuckling to themselves.  Joyce looked at Cooper and smiled.

She made it to the altar and stood to the side, looking over at JT.  He winked at her.  Cooper then looked at Ryan and he grinned.  She smiled back at him before she watched Kelly walk down the aisle.  After Anna’s sister made it to the altar, the organ started.  The guests in the church stood and JT took a deep breath.  Anna appeared in the doorway escorted by her father.  She looked like a supermodel and appeared as though she glided down the aisle.

JT felt tears come to his eyes and Ryan handed him a tissue.  The bridal party chuckled.  Anna’s father gave her hand to JT.  The priest began and the guests were silent.  The ceremony was kept short since that’s what the bride and groom wanted.

The reception was quite the party in true JT fashion.  A rock band performed a few songs and the DJ was famed in Hollywood.  There was non-stop dancing, and though there was an open bar, the guests toasted the newlyweds with sparkling cider.

Sound Wave stepped on stage to sing a couple of songs.  JT dedicated a song he wrote to Anna and brought her on stage to sing it to her.  The entire reception was in tears, including the bride and groom.  After the song ended, JT and Anna kissed as if it were their first one.  JT escorted her off the stage before he spoke to his guests through the microphone.

“This one goes out to the sister I never had, Cooper.”

Cooper was surprised as Sound Wave started singing the familiar song.

Danke schoen, darling, Danke schoen

Cooper began laughing and was a bit embarrassed.  Ryan walked offstage with the microphone.

How you tore your dress, what a mess

He motioned to the slit up her leg.

“I hate you.”

She laughed as he pulled her toward him and danced with her briefly.  They sang a few more lines of the song before singing another Sound Wave song.

Soon it was time to throw the bouquet.  Anna kept her eye on Cooper before turning around.  Laura and Kelly were whispering to the other women on the floor.  Anna tossed the bouquet, and the girls didn’t put up much of a fight, as it soared to Cooper.

She gasped, “Again?”

“You’re lucky, I guess,” Laura shrugged as she smiled at Kelly.

“You better fight for that garter,” Cooper yelled over to Ryan.

“Oh, it’s on!” he said pointing to the ground and pretending to throw an elbow at Matt.  JT dramatically took the garter off of Anna’s thigh with his teeth.

“Save some for the honeymoon!” John laughed.

JT was taking a long time getting his head out from underneath Anna’s dress.  He held the garter up before standing with it.  He turned his back and all the single men stood on the dance floor.  Matt and Ryan were pushing each other back and forth.  The garter went up in the air, and Matt snatched it.  Ryan tried to grab it from him and Matt tackled him.          The two men rolled around fighting for the garter.

“Oh my God!” Cooper laughed.

“Matt, stop it!” Laura yelled.

Matt stood in victory with the garter in hand.  Cooper was disappointed Ryan lost, but laughed to herself.  Laura had her hands on her hips and went over to Matt.

“Why were you fighting to put the garter on Cooper!?” she yelled.

The couple argued back and forth.  Cooper was a bit surprised.  She wasn’t sure why Laura would be jealous over something like that.

“Fine!  If it’ll make you happy, I forfeit!” Matt matched Laura’s yell.

He threw the garter to Ryan, and the DJ made some commentary.  Cooper was still concerned about Laura and Matt as she sat in the chair.

“Cooper, give me your leg,” Ryan said, trying to get her attention on him.

“Are they okay?”

“Don’t worry about it, it’s a stupid fight,” he brushed it off.

He took off Cooper’s shoe and ran his hand up her leg.  She laughed at him.

“Remember the first time I put this on you?” he raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, I thought I’d fall off the chair when I felt your teeth.”

Ryan laughed, “I remember you smelled so good.  I’m not going to use my teeth this time.”

“Why not?”

Cooper was surprised.  He just shrugged and started putting the garter on with his hands.  He pulled the garter up to her knee, and Cooper noticed some kind of jewel on it.

“What is that?”

“What?” Ryan asked, pulling the garter up a bit more.


She reached down to touch the jewel, realizing a diamond ring was attached to the garter.  She gasped and Ryan smiled before detaching the ring.  The DJ handed Ryan the microphone.

“Cooper, will you do me the honor of marrying me?”

He held the beautiful engagement ring up to her and she cupped her hands over her mouth.

“Yes!” she squealed.

Before Ryan could react, Cooper grabbed his face and brought it to hers.  She kissed him fiercely, and he laughed as he tried to catch up to her actions.  When they parted, Ryan placed the ring on her finger and stood up.  He picked her up, and they kissed again.  The entire reception cheered.  JT wrapped his arms around Anna from behind.  They were happy to help surprise Cooper, along with Matt and Laura, who staged their argument.

“Okay, start the music again; this is the JT and Anna show, not Ryan and Cooper’s!” JT shouted.

The guests laughed and took to the dance floor again, ignoring Ryan and Cooper still kissing in the middle of it.  The newly engaged couple danced in each other’s arms the rest of the night as various friends walked over to congratulate them.

Ryan looked at Cooper; she was crying and smiling at the same time.

“We started at a wedding, and we’re ending with a wedding,” she said.

“No, this isn’t an ending.  This is our beginning,” Ryan smiled.

Cooper nodded before she kissed him with all the love she had.


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