Dream Catchers – Chapter One: Boston Blues

Dream Catchers - Chapter 1
Chapter 1 – Boston Blues Preview: Haley is not looking forward to going home for the summer.


A nightmare startled me awake. Groaning, I rolled over and glanced at the alarm clock.


I groaned louder. Two hours? I thought the later I went to bed the more likely I was to fall soundly asleep. It had taken me a good twenty minutes to get comfortable before drifting off. And two hours later, here I was awake due to another nightmare.


For two weeks straight, I have averaged three hours of sleep a night. Either I just lie in bed, staring at the ceiling and thinking about the boring summer that was ahead of me, or I had odd dreams.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Two: Penniless in Pinkston

Dream Catchers - Chapter Two - Sandy Lo
Chapter 2 – Penniless in Pinkston Preview: Haley meets a gorgeous, but crass stranger on the bus trip home.

I walked through the rotating glass door with my hand on my purse, and sighed at the overcrowded station crawling with community college kids. All of the kids that went to my school had cars, or their parents picked them up.  As a sophomore, students weren’t allowed to have a car on campus.  My parents were usually too busy to come get me, but always offered for Christian Eriksson to drive me home.


Oh God, just the thought of Christian driving up to my school with his slicked back hair and his collared shirt, which he had to fasten every last button on, disturbed me.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Three: Stranded With The Stranger

Dream Catchers - Chapter Three - Sandy Lo
Chapter 3 – Stranded with the Stranger Preview: With no money, phone, and stranded with the gorgeous, but annoying stranger, Haley tries to figure out how to get home.

The sun was bright as a fluorescent lemon as it blazed down, almost blinding me.  I tapped my foot trying to think of what to do.  Jordan sat down on the curb, and strummed his guitar absently.  He didn’t seem to be worried, but I was terrified.  I’m just a girl, who’s never really been on her own.  College was supposed to be a form of “cutting the cord” from my parents, but they paid for everything and called to check in neurotically. … Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Four: New York, New York

Chapter 4 – New York, New York Preview: Haley and Jordan make it to NYC and argue over which hotel to stay in.


The bright lights of New York City distracted me from the fact that it was night time in a dangerous, unknown place where I was stuck with a complete male stranger.  There were times throughout the ride from Pinkston to New York where I was in utter bewilderment of why I had decided to go through with it all.  There were also moments of absolute horror where I imagined being robbed and stranded without a dime or a telephone.… Read more

Dream Catchers – Chapter Five: Changes

Chapter 5 – Changes Preview: Haley gets a new look before Jordan’s band’s show.


The sky finally started to lighten, and I sighed as I lay in bed.  Sleep never came for me.  I was uncomfortable in my khaki shorts.  I guess I am uptight when it comes to foreign sheets.  I’m sure hotels have policies, but even still, it just felt wrong to lay there naked, despite the stuffiness of my room.  I was sweating even after I threw the blanket off of me.


Of course there were many other reasons for my insomnia; one of them was right across the hall, probably sleeping nude himself. … Read more