Dream Catchers – Book 1 – Synopsis + Table of Contents

Dream Catchers by Sandy Lo book cover
Are you a fan of rock star romances? DREAM CATCHERS is the book for you!  Inspired by her love of Thirty Seconds to Mars, Author Sandy Lo wrote the first few chapters with them as her muse.


Dreams come true only if you believe in them…


Haley Foster never bothered to believe in herself or find her dream. Growing up with a silver spoon in her mouth, her parents gave her everything she needed except freedom. Fate steps in at the bus station when Haley bumps into Jordan Walsh, literally.


His unpolished manners and rock star attitude rile her, though she is oddly drawn to him.… Read more

Lost In You – Chapter Four

Lost In You - Chapter 5
Chapter 4 Preview: The morning after the wedding, Cooper finds out a secret about Ryan that changes her mind about him.

The morning after the wedding, Dave knocked on Cooper’s door repeatedly. It was just past ten and he was curious to hear about Cooper’s trip to the hospital.


“Come in,” she grumbled, tossing her head back and forth against her pillow.


Dave opened the door and Cooper looked up at him pouting.


“How are you feeling, cuz?”
“I don’t know what hurts more: my ankle or my head,” she groaned as she sat up slowly.
“Sorry you had a bad night,” he said, sitting on her bed.… Read more