The Watch Dog by Sandy Lo – Synopsis + Table of Contents

The Watch Dog is a supernatural, heartwarming story about loss, redemption, faith and love.  Sandy Lo relocated from New York to Nashville to write this book since Tennessee serves as the setting of the novel.  Through Sandy’s experiences in a new city without knowing a single soul, she immersed herself in the culture and made new friends that helped influence the characters of the book.

About The Watch Dog

Garrett “Rett” Baker has taken one too many wrong turns in life that slams him into a dead-end. He finds himself forced to return to his small town life in middle Tennessee where he left behind broken relationships and bad memories.… Read more

The Watch Dog – Prologue

Prologue Preview: Garrett is wakened by barking and brings back haunting memories.

Dedication: For Brownie
Thank you for watching over me and scaring the ghosts away. You’ll always be in my heart.


The barking was echoing through my skull; a low growl rang through my ears along with the bellowing howls.  I sprang up in the bed forgetting where I was.  My eyes adjusted to the moonlight from the window.  I ignored the sleeping girl next to me and slithered out of the bed.


I searched my clothes out on the hardwood floor and dressed quickly.  Slowly and quietly I walked to the window and looked down the peaceful block tucked away in the Hamptons. Read more

The Watch Dog – Chapter One

The Watch Dog - Chapter One - Sandy Lo
Chapter One Preview: Garrett is forced to go back to his hometown in Tennessee where he isn’t liked very much.



A cigarette sat in a filthy ashtray in the tiny kitchen.  Garrett Baker hung up the telephone with a sigh.  His mother didn’t sound as pleasant as he had hoped.  They hadn’t spoken much in the past couple of years, and he knew she was ashamed of him.


At thirty, Garrett wondered how he managed to mess his life up this severely.  He stared down at the one-way ticket to Nashville, Tennessee that his younger brother had sent him.… Read more

The Watch Dog – Chapter Two

Chapter Two Preview: Garrett arrives back home in Cayuga, TN to an icy welcome from his mother and brother.



LaGuardia Airport was swarmed with holiday travelers at six-am.  Impatient New Yorkers were rushing out of taxis to make their flights in time.  Garrett was one of them—he had woken up late and had twenty minutes to check-in and get through security.  He had cursed his younger brother, Kevin—who booked the flight—the entire shuttle ride to the airport.


Luckily for Garrett, it seemed the closer to departure time you arrived for your flight, the quicker the airline rushed you through check-in. … Read more