The Watch Dog is a supernatural, heartwarming story about loss, redemption, faith and love.  Sandy Lo relocated from New York to Nashville to write this book since Tennessee serves as the setting of the novel.  Through Sandy’s experiences in a new city without knowing a single soul, she immersed herself in the culture and made new friends that helped influence the characters of the book.

About The Watch Dog

Garrett “Rett” Baker has taken one too many wrong turns in life that slams him into a dead-end. He finds himself forced to return to his small town life in middle Tennessee where he left behind broken relationships and bad memories. With plans to leave as soon as he saves some cash, Garrett finds himself living in his deceased grandmother’s home.

Bittersweet memories come rushing back to Garrett, and the ghosts of his past begin to haunt him. The one thing from his childhood he keeps trying to find–his long gone mutt, Brownie, seems to be what is leading him to places he doesn’t want to go, and people he never wanted to see again.

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